4 Benefits of In-Ear Monitors for Podcasters

4 Benefits of In-Ear Monitors for Podcasters

When you’re starting a podcast, there are many decisions to make and it can be overwhelming. If you’re planning to do live podcasts, you’ll need to be very careful with your audio equipment. Live recordings mean an audience and lots of distracting outside noise.

One option to benefit you during a podcast is in-ear monitors (IEMs). While similar to headphones, IEMs allow you to focus only on what you’re recording without distraction. Not familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at what in-ear monitors are and how they can benefit podcasters.

What are in-ear monitors?

First, you probably know what over-ear headphones are, but maybe not in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors are used by audio professionals so they can hear what they’re playing during a performance. In live performances, IEMs have become favored over stage monitors. Performers can only hear themselves, and not the audience.

In-ear monitors have a transmitter that lets you hear exactly what you sound like, unlike regular over-ear headphones. They can be wired, or wireless. For podcasters, typically the wired version is preferred for better sound. There are several benefits to this type of technology for podcasters.

Benefits of in-ear monitors for podcasters

Active Noise Cancellation

One of the biggest benefits is the active noise cancellation. When you’re recording live, there can be lots of distractions. The audience, outside noises, maybe a cat in your living room. You name it. Anything can happen during a podcast. Using IEMs will allow you to block those noises out and focus on your work.

You Can Hear Yourself

In-ear monitors are designed in a way that lets you hear yourself as you’re recording. This is excellent for podcasters because you can make adjustments as you go. You won’t have to record again if you make a mistake, thus saving precious time. The last thing you want to do is finish your podcast and realize there’s a mistake in the middle which will require editing. IEMs can save you the hassle!

They Protect Your Hearing

In-ear monitors are going to protect your hearing more than over-ear headphones. You have control over the volume, and you don’t hear any outside noises. This is important on stage, as well as when recording podcasts.

In-Ear Monitors are Portable

As a podcaster, you may be traveling frequently. In-ear monitors are a great alternative to bulky over-ear headphones. They are compact, and travel well.

Ready to Try In-Ear Monitors?

If you’re interested in trying IEMs for your podcast, a great place to start is the Jrumz Expression. These wired in-ear monitors will help you stay focused during your podcast recording session.

Unlike over-ear headphones, the Jrumz Expression IEMs are built for lasting comfort. They have a wired connection, which is solid for podcasting. Each set comes with interchangeable earphone tips for maximum comfort, no matter your ear size. Head on over to the Jrumz website to check them out!

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