Celebrating the Advancements of Women AudioTech Innovators: Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford is Making History

Celebrating the Advancements of Women AudioTech Innovators: Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford is Making History

During Women’s History Month we pay homage to the history of women trailblazers who have contributed their brilliance to the advancements of our culture and community. With those advancements come leaders who walk the same path of industry disruption to forge the next generation of breakthrough innovators.

Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford is reminiscent of the early women innovators in MedTech who were pioneers in the treatment and prevention of disparities in audio technologies. As a woman audiologist, Dr. Joseph-Ford recognized the industry gap for device innovation to aid in the betterment of users' hearing and has created a pathway to break those barriers. Think about it as if you can see it you can believe and if you can hear it you can follow.

That is exactly what Dr. Joseph-Ford did-- she listened to her calling and developed, Jrumz (pronounced “druhmz” ) luxury, custom, hearing health-conscious earphones made especially for the music culture. With southern regional ties, from New Orleans to Atlanta, Dr. Joseph-Ford connected more than the musical culture stretched between the two epicenters of cities for music. But, she also attributed the problems most musicians are experiencing with hearing issues are tied to the one thing they love to hear the most– their music. Unfortunately, the lack of safe in-ear devices that most users are regularly utilizing to vibe to their favorite beats does not deliver clear sounds at safe listening levels. As a result, the devices’ volume is consistently increased causing a decrease in a users’ ability to properly hear.

Jrumz has revolutionized how not only musicians but everyday users are experiencing advanced sound quality and crisp auditory clarity when it comes to hearing what they love. The product’s in-ear design is modified for the ultimate listening experience and most importantly to protect the sensitivity of your hearing.

Not just this month but every month we celebrate access created by leaders such as Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford to better expose our culture bearers to luxury in technological advances that represent who we are and what we bring so loudly to the culture.

The Jrumz Ear Wear brand is all about luxury, uniqueness, expression, freedom, style, and promoting hearing health.

Witness history in the making. More about Jrumz Ear Wear at


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