Here is Why JRUMZ Are Better

Here is Why JRUMZ Are Better

On March 8, 2022 Jrumz Ear Wear launched its signature luxury earphone collection, the Jrumz Expression. The Expression collection is the top of its class for clarity, design, comfort, and style. Jrumz is the first hybrid earphone on the market with an interchangeable wire and wireless adapter feature. Each individual earphone contains 5 drivers making the listening experience priceless. Jrumz also offers customization options for audiophiles and music creators becoming an earphone that can successfully match everyone's lifestyle.

There are many factors that make Jrumz better than the average earphone.

Jrumz is an earphone not an earbud.

Did you know there is a difference between earphones and earbuds? Yes, news flash! Earphones and earbuds are not the same.

Earbuds are typically one-size-fits-which may be uncomfortable for someone whose ears are "too big" or "too small". The way earbuds fit inside of your ears is also different. Earbuds typically rest outside your ear canal. This means they let in more ambient ( environment ) noises cancelling out the frequencies you want to hear. Yes, this is why you’re always turning up the volume of your earbuds and always adjusting them for comfort.

Unlike earbuds, Jrumz earphones actually extend past your concha and into your ear canal allowing you to hear the most important frequencies in music. This gives you the clarity you need to enjoy the tunes the way your favorite artist intended.

Style and Comfort Fit

Style and comfort are two additional features that distinctly set Jrumz apart from its competitors. When inserting Jrumz earphones into your ears, you immediately notice the way the earphones comfortably rest inside of your ear canal. The lightweight structure and overall feel are an upgrade from the silicone texture of Beats and the heavy plastic shell that make up Airpods. Jrumz has a comfortable fit that isn’t disrupted while in motion.

Jrumz offers both custom and non-custom earphones for both the Expression and Expression Plus models. The non-custom earphones have a sleek design and ergonomic fit. The customized earpieces come in different colors so your listening experience is always comfortable no matter the size or shape of your ear.

Sound Clarity

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a professional recording studio session– this is literally your chance. Jrumz is as close as it'll gets to actually stepping foot inside of a recording booth. What you will experience once you’ve plugged in your earphones and begin to mellow out to your favorite playlist is the immense sound clarity. Each Jrumz earphone contains 5 drivers, which is potentially 8 more drivers than typical earphones including air pod pros. You may listen to your favorite song and actually hear beautiful frequencies that you've never heard before. Each note, each tone and tune is greatly appreciated because it enhances your listening experience. Jrumz also offer a level of active noise cancellation that allows for you to hear detailed sounds without the harsh feedback and ambient noise.

Luxury Design & Customization

As a luxury product, the Jrumz earphone is a sophisticated selection for audiophiles with a certain kind of taste. With its customization options, comfort fit, enhanced sound quality, and increased listening time, Jrumz is top tier when it comes to its luxury, ergonomically sculpted design. The most impressive design specification is its discreet visibility inside of your ear. Even the opaque wires are crafted to be a very subtle extension to the design and style.

Jrumz also offers customization for individuals looking for a more tailored audio experience. For a certain price, you may request to have custom earpieces added to your Jrumz earphones. Unlike most custom earpieces, the Jrumz custom earpiece is designed from soft hypo-allergenic silicone material instead of the hard acrylic shell. The earpieces come in a variety of colors. If you're interested in this feature, you may place the order on the Jrumz website. Once your order is placed, the Jrumz concierge team will contact you to schedule your appointment with a licensed audiologist for earmold impression. There is no additional charge for the concierge or the impressions. It's definitely convenient for individuals with busy lifestyles and worth the price.

Best for: Those music lovers and creators looking for a lightweight earphone to deliver high-quality sounds compatible with IOS and Android platforms without cutting corners on the luxurious design and style.

Turn the volume up today.

Hear what makes you happy!


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