Ditch the socks and tie. Why JRUMZ is the Gift Dad Deserves.

Ditch the socks and tie. Why JRUMZ is the Gift Dad Deserves.

Today we celebrate Father’s everywhere! Everywhere today there is a dad enjoying a “cold one”, smoking up the pit for a delicious BBQ, and we are sure there are dads who just won’t pull away from work-- meticulously edging their lawns just to remind their neighbors of whose house is the best. Well, dad for you only the best! This is why JRUMZ luxury earwear is the best option for active fathers on the go, fathers chilling back listening to their favorite sporting event, and dads who never knew that earphones are now wireless with even better audio— so no need to yell dad, we hear you!

We hear you really loud and clear! Why? JRUMZ active noise cancellation and interchangeable small, medium, and large earphone tips enhance the audio experience for users and listeners alike. Our most popular earphone, Expression Plus is great for those moments dad has his hands full with the capability to connect with his Bluetooth-enabled devices and an ergonomic fit for the comfortability each dad deserves. With 48-hour battery life, the entire family can be sure dad has enough time to highlight the championship stats, laugh (or not) at his usual jokes, and hold the line as he often forgets to hang up after an accidental pocket dial.

We got you dad! JRUMZ is sure to get you through– and in style. Luxury belongs to us all and for that dad, you can flex too. JRUMZ design is high-end with an everyday use convenience appropriate for a day like today– a day honoring dads and their unwavering dedication to being the coolest, best dad ever!

Happy Father’s Day from JRUMZ !

Not too late to order Dad the perfect gift: BUY NOW


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